Green Bonds

UGE’s Green Bonds makes it easy for investors to earn an impressive return while doing good for the planet.

A High-Impact Investment

When you invest,100% of your funds will directly finance the development of community solar projects.

Round V provides an 8% coupon with a 4-year term.

For each $1,000 development Green Bond, an estimated 360 kilograms of CO2 emissions are offset each year.

With an unlimited supply, renewables are the wisest energy investment.

Fully secured by UGE’s solar projects.

UGE’s fifth Green Bond series, after the successful closing of three previous rounds. 

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Over a Decade of Green Energy

Since 2008 when our journey began, we’ve developed more than 700 solar projects totaling over 500 megawatts. We’re proud to be making a significant impact on the world’s transition to clean energy, and we’re just getting started. 





435,000 Tons

CO2 Offset Annually

Frequently Asked Questions

The offering closes on December 12th, 2022. 

Yes, $5,000 in either USD or CAD.

The bonds are redeemed at full price.

Guaranteed relates to the secured nature of these bonds. UGE pledges specific projects to the trustee as security in order to meet our minimum security covenants as outlined in the Offering Memorandum which you can view upon inquiry.

The bonds accrue interest at the rate of 8% per annum for a 4 year term, with such interest paid semi-annually in arrears calculated on the last calendar day of December and June with the first coupon payment being made December 15, 2023.

There is a regulatory requirement that any bonds or financial instruments bought through a private placement must be held for at least four months. Afterwards you would be free to sell them. That said, this is a private placement and these bonds are not expected to be listed, so there is admittedly a thin market. Hypothetically the bonds could be sold in a private transaction after the four month mark, but it would require finding someone who wanted to buy them and negotiating a price.

Yes the bonds are eligible for both.