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Earn and save while you transition to renewable energy

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UGE develops, owns and operates community & commercial solar and battery storage projects.
Join us by hosting a project, subscribing to a project, or investing in UGE. 

Earn as a Host

Building Owners

Host a community solar project and monetize your roof space. Receive long-term lease payments plus other state-specific incentives for going green.

Land Owners

Farm the sun on your land.
You’ll provide your community with cheaper, cleaner energy while earning long-term income.


Meet your sustainability goals while monetizing unused space, all without any investment or risk.

Save as a Subscriber

Reduce your electricity bills and support renewable energy without installing panels at your home. 

Power your business with clean energy and reduce expenses while you’re at it.

Quickly and seamlessly go green while saving funds to further your mission.

Invest for Impact

Putting capital to work for the planet

UGE earns a risk-adjusted return on investment while helping to build the renewable energy future.

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Earn and save while you transition to renewable energy by hosting a project, subscribing to a  project, or co-developing a project with us. 

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